Energy Conservation & Recycling

  1. Energy conservation employees can help conserve energy! If the lights in your suite are not controlled by occupancy sensors, be sure to turn them off when you are leaving for the day. Other suggestions to help conserve energy include replacing the bulbs in desk lamps with Energy Star qualified bulbs, enabling power management settings so that your computer monitor enters into a low-power mode when not in use, unplugging electronics when not in use, and utilizing a power strip with a central “turn off” when you are done using office equipment.
  2.  Recycling is one of the most pressing issues of the new decade. The Property Management Office is eager to ensure that we do our part to help extend the life of current landfill areas. With that in mind, we have established a convenient single-stream recycling program in the building. Each office is authorized to have a centrally located recycle container(s). Items that can be recycled include paper, glass, aluminum, and cardboard. The nighttime janitorial staff will check your recycle bin periodically and empty it when it is at least half full. Boxes must be broken down before being placed in recycle bin. If you have a large amount of boxes to be recycled, please call the Property Management Office.  The nighttime janitorial crew can only remove the items for an additional charge.