Riot and Public Disturbance

The best procedure in case of riot or public disturbance is:


  1. Do not become a spectator.  Leave or avoid the area of disturbance to prevent injury or possible arrest.
  2. Notify the Police using 911 and the Property Management Office at 904.620.0876
  3. Lock all doors and close all blinds, then avoid window areas.
  4. Do not argue or enter into a debate with a participant.
  5. If one or more of the participants enters your suite, keep calm, be courteous, and do not provoke an incident.  If you so elect, call the proper public authority to have the individual removed.
  6. The Property Management Office might find it necessary to limit certain services or to restrict access to the building during a disturbance.  The Tenant's cooperation is needed under these circumstances.
  7. Avoid unnecessary inquiry that will tie up communications systems.
  8. Use common sense and keep calm.